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ShenzhenDingsheng Precision Industry Co., Ltd. is located in Wanlida IndustrialPark, Fuyuan 1st Road, Fuhai Street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen. It isadjacent to Shenzhen Baoan International Airport, only 10 minutes drivefrom Guangshen Yanjiang Expressway and 107 National Highway. FuyongWharf can be a five-minute drive. Directly to Hong Kong, the transportation is convenient and the geographical position is superior. Thecompany has several modern factories and staff quarters with aconstruction area of 50,000 square meters and a total investment of120 million yuan.
ShenzhenDingsheng Precision Industry Co., Ltd. is strong in strength, and themodel room has introduced the world's advanced mold processing andmanufacturing equipment, such as German DMG, RODERS CNC high-speedmachine, Japan Frank CNC, Swiss AGIE, Xia Mil spark machine, JapanSODICK slow wire, etc. Advancedequipment, annual production of various types of precision molds up to1200 sets; production capacity is sufficient, the existing configurationof robots fully automatic Demag, Haitian and other brand injectionmolding machine more than 100, fully automatic Japan Kawaguchi dust-freespraying line, Japan Theoutput can reach 300,000 pcs; the quality assurance system is complete.The company passed the ISO9001:2000 quality management systemcertification at the end of 2003, and passed the ISO14001:2004environmental management system and QC080000:2005 hazardous substanceprocess management system certification in October 2008, and configured.Advancedtesting equipment, such as ROHS detector, high and low temperature testchamber, three yuan, projector, color difference meter, gloss meter,coating film thickness meter, RCA tester, etc., provide guarantee forexcellent quality; high quality customer service The center and a fleet of 10 trucks and commercial vehicles provide excellent service to customers. Company procurement policy: Do not use minerals in the Congo and surrounding conflict areas. Thecompany has established long-term friendly business cooperation withdozens of well-known enterprises in the country such as TCL,Longqi,Ximtong, Feixun, and Scud.The quality and service of the products are well received. Trust and praise from customers and industry colleagues.




ShenzhenDingsheng Precision Industry Co., Ltd. was formerly known as ShenzhenXi'an Wanlida Plastic Mould Factory. It was established in October 1997.It is an industrial chain integrating mold, injection molding,automatic spraying, assembly, hardware, vacuum coating and button. Specializing in the development and production of mobile phone and mobile phone battery plastic hardware accessories. Overthe years, adhering to the business philosophy of “excellence,innovation” and “surpassing ourselves and satisfying customers”, thecompany has grown continuously and has become a new force in the plasticmold industry in Shenzhen. No best, only better. Agroup of high-quality technical personnel, management personnel andemployees, under the leadership of Chairman Zhang Lifeng, with theprosperous breath, share the fate, work hard to open up, innovate anddedication to provide new and old customers with more satisfactoryproducts. And service, work with you to create a brilliant tomorrow!




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