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The company introduced MoldFlow computer-aided design software space!

Time: 2014-07-21 09:22:46

Author: bat365在线平台


InApril 2007, the company introduced the latest version of MoldFlowPlastics Insight, the latest version of the computer-aided designsoftware for injection mold industry simulation software, to simulatethe injection molding process of the product on the computer before themold design and product design, and predict the molding problem of theproduct so that it can It is solved before exposure in actual production, and there are corresponding solutions for molding defects. WithMoldFlow software, you can get the best number and position of gates,reasonable runner system and cooling system, and optimize the cavitysize, gate size, runner size and cooling system size, and try on thecomputer. Repairing the mold greatly improves the quality of the mold and reduces the number of mold repairs. Simulationanalysis of the entire injection molding process, including filling,packing, cooling, warpage, fiber orientation, structural stress andshrinkage, and gas-assisted molding analysis, allows mold designers toidentify possible defects in future products during the design phase. Improvethe success rate of a test mode to optimize the structure of theproduct, reduce the material cost, shorten the production cycle, ensurethat the product can be fully filled, and greatly improve productivity.


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